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About us

Nizat Haduvdevan – Hebrew for The Cherry Bud -  is the largest organic & natural products network in Israel

Founded in 1980 by the Bibi family in Jerusalem, the chain has now an array of 40 retail stores, offering a variety

of organic and natural foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, and ecological materials. 


In the 1930s, Ezra Bibi immigrated to Israel from Iraq and settled in Jerusalem. For his livelihood,

he bought dried fruit and sold them in Mahane Yehuda bazzar. Over the years the business grew,

and the family began importing its merchandise from Turkey and Iran. In 1980, Ezra's son Herzel

and his brother Yehezkel opened their first store in the Mahane Yehuda bazzar, called Nizat Haduvdevan.

After a few years they moved to a larger store in the market and the range of products increased.

Over the years, Herzel became the sole owner and began to import organic products from overseas,

including Bolivian quinoa, which he has first introduced to the Israeli consumers in 2003.

In 2005, Mr. Arbel Shiran was appointed CEO of the company, which had then just 4 stores, and turned

it into a chain stores company. "My vision," says Arbel, "is that in every city and every town in Israel

there will be a branch of Nizat Haduvdevan for a comfortable accessibility to organic and natural

nutrition and life style". 

Private label and customers' club

Nizat Haduvdevan has a private label under the same name. The brand carries more than 300 products,

mostly of organic and natural raw materials, imported from a variety of sources abroad and manufactured

in cooperation with domestic producers, in order to encourage and expand local organic production.

Feel free to contact us

onstore@nizat.co.il     (+972) 2-5473584 - Customer Service

arouhil@netvision.net.il – Mr. Nori Aroch, Import manager. 

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